Damn Good Coffee

At Tower Cafe we make Damn Good Coffee. But it isn’t as simple as being handed a espresso machine and premium coffee beans.

Over the past 4 years I have taught ‘coffee making’ to a variety of young individuals. Not many excel either during the training or after, some float along OK once the training wheels are off and then taper off again. The few who do succeed have either an interest or a passion in what they are doing.

For every button on the espresso machine, there is a reason and purpose. No two grinders are set up the same. Even with these semi-automatic espresso machines there is a very big influence on the outcome of a coffee based on the operator. You can have the best espresso machine and the highest quality beans and still produce bad coffee.

Being coffee drinkers and having that appreciation and passion for coffee is why we at Tower Cafe can comfortably express that we make damn good coffee.